You are mine. Only mine. (Yami no Kodou – Chapter 14)

•August 11, 2013 • 52 Comments

Hello!  As promised, here is Yami no Kodou chapter 14!  In this chapter shit really starts to hit the fan.  I feel sad to say that this chapter was actually finished about a year ago and I am just now uploading it.  I’m sorry!!  Please let me know if the links or anything don’t work or if something seems weird about the file.

Am I weird that my favorite character is Jun?  I’d really like to see more of him! Who is your favorite character so far?


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Alright everyone, Kioku here!  Aki always did the posts, so I’m trying to get the hang of this, but I wanted to give everyone an update!  As some of you saw in my comments, I seem to be the only person left on the scanlation team. . . even so, Kalendel (who used to run Storm in Heaven) was gracious enough to provide me all of the translations that Aki had already done.  I have several volumes to work with now!  In addition, I have raws (also thanks to Kalendel) for several volumes.  That being said, I will start releasing chapters again with just me and will do my best to recruit probably an editor or two for now since I’ve got a few volumes of translations already.

Please understand that I work full time and have some time-consuming hobbies (namely cosplay, hehe~), so I won’t be the most speedy person, but . . . some updates are better than none, yeah?  Thank you very much in advance for your patience and for all of your patience up until now!  Please expect the next chapter sometime this weekend.

Again, thank you!


You teach me now how cruel you’ve been

•August 25, 2012 • 48 Comments

This chapter isn’t as sappy as the title sounds, I swear! It’s one scene in the middle (bad, bad Touya!), and the rest really amps up the creepiness/horror factor. Speaking of which, what horror movies would you readers recommend to me? Were there any that kept you up all night? I seriously need a good scare  after being dragged to one too many horrible American “horrors”.

Enjoy the chapter! Thanks for being so patient, and as always don’t forget to thank our editor Em as well as our typesetter Kioku.

By your leave, he will be tamed so

•July 16, 2012 • 18 Comments

The Shakespeare I referenced in this chapter is known as one of his ‘weaker’ works but I enjoyed reading it during my otherwise drab English class, probably because of its juvenile sense of humor (hey, I never said I was mature!).

Here’s something to hopefully help you get through the week.

Many thanks to Em for her editing services and Kioku for her typesetting.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the Releases page that should be on your right hand side under the About section; please check this page periodically for the status of upcoming chapters as well as our newest releases!


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What’s your latest obsession? I’ve been fawning over nail polish for the past few weeks, reading blogs and noting what colors I want while swapping away ones I don’t use anymore. It’s a great way to be feminine when you’re stuck with horribly cut short hair (and trust me, when I wear my usual work attire of black jeans and a white polo shirt I look like a little boy).

Here’s a release before this month ends. You’ll see what I mean by obsession once you finish this chapter…

Thanks again to Kioku for her continued excellent work <3

One more thing before I let you go: we have a new editor helping us out! Say hi to Em, founder of Pleasant Memories and an AMAZING editor. Her group mainly focuses on shoujo, and I’m translating a few of her projects too :) Head over in the future for your cute, girly reads. She’s looking for more translators to help her out, so please drop by her recruitment page and see if you’re up for the challenge!

End of Volume 3

•May 17, 2012 • 27 Comments

Hey guys! Our second release is chapter 10, which finally concludes volume 3. Not much action this time, but it’s filled with gorgeous art and more character development. Lots of thanks to the editor Kioku for another amazing job.

Enjoy the release!

Also, we’re still looking for editors! If you think you have what it takes, please try out the test on our last post.

We’re Recruiting!

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Hi everyone! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.

No releases today, but we do need some help. We are recruiting experienced editors to help out with sound effects and redrawing; you will not need to typeset anything (Kioku will take care of it). We don’t have a strict deadline, but a turnaround of 2 weeks per chapter (approximately 50 pages) would be great. Here are links to the test with further instructions inside (they’re the same):

MediaFire | 4Shared

Good luck, and I hope to hear back from you guys soon!

Welcome to Kaleidoscopic Scans

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Welcome to Kaleidoscopic Scans! We are a group dedicated to bringing the world of Yami no Kodou (The Resurgent Reality) to English audiences.  Our team is comprised of Kioku, the main editor, and Aki, the main translator.

A brief history about this work – Yami no Kodou is a long-running series on Chara, a bi-monthly BL magazine, which has 21 volumes out as of April 2012. It is written by Yoshihara Rieko, who wrote the amazing novel Ai no Kusabi, and illustrated by Kada Michiru.

Storm in Heaven released the first two volumes before I picked up translations and Kioku took over editing. The next two chapters were released through Lelei Scanlations. We couldn’t have made it this far without these two groups, their respective coordinators Kalendel and Lelei, and previous staff assigned to this project; we extend our greatest thanks to everyone who was involved.

Also, for clarification – Lelei Scanlations has NOT shut down. We are merely splitting off so we can get releases out faster.

Onto the downloads…

You can download everything up to v2 at Storm in Heaven.

Here are links to chapters 7 and 8, previously released through Lelei Scanlations:

And last but definitely not least, here are links for chapters 9:

Please be sure to take a look at our About page for more information about this project.

Thank you to all fans for your continued support, and I hope you look forward to more releases/babbles from the translator!